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Guaranteed AE Picks - Sports Picks Guaranteed to Profit

AE Picks are Guaranteed:


When we recommend a selection with a high AE we are recommending a pick with a high probability of winning.  We want our members to feel as confident as we do which is why we offer a Bucks Back Guarantee.  Our guarantee is that if an ATS Expert selection (MLB, NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, NHL) results  in a  loss or push we will refund 35 ATS Bucks back to your account to use towards a future pick.  


AE is an “Accuracy Estimate” based on historic picks performance of each ATS Expert.   The Accuracy Estimate is a mathematically provided statistic that "Handicaps the Handicappers".   The AE is an easy to follow review of the historic picks made by a handicapper and calculates the potential win/loss based on their historic results of Experts specific teams.   Some Experts follow specific teams and/or conferences and the AE is a terrific tool to help members find the best handicappers for specific games.  


In a brief summary, the AE formula makes the following calculations:

  • Calculates the historic records of each handicapper for specific teams.   
  • Generates an Accuracy Estimate of likeliness each sports handicapper will be correct based on historic picks of each team.
  • Averages the calculations together and assigns an overall "AE " to each pick posted by the ATS Experts.

The main reason this formula was created was to allow visitors the ability to quickly see and understand which teams handicappers are more profitable with.  Handicappers each have a specific team, or specific conference or division they follow and are more successful handicapping – the AE now makes it easier to identify.

Below are some frequently asked questions about our AE Picks:

Q. Is the AE the same for all sports picks on a specific match-up for the day

A. The AE is a unique percentage calculated for a specific ATS Expert based on his previous results for the teams that are playing in the current match-up.

Q. If an ATS Expert has a 0 AE selection, what does that signify

A.  A 0 AE could signify the following:  1. It indicates the Expert has never released a selection (resulting in 0 history) on either of the two teams playing.  2. All picks released on either of the two teams playing have resulted in a loss.

Q. If as an ATS Expert has a very high AE does that indicate the pick is a lock

A. If an ATS Expert has a really high AE then they have historically won a high percentage of the games they have released on the two teams playing.  While this is a strong indicator that the Expert has been very successful handicapping the two teams playing it does not represent a lock.  This is why all of our featured AE Picks come with a credit back guarantee.